Best 18v Cordless Drill Milwaukee M18 Review

This article is about the Best 18v Cordless Drill Milwaukee M18 Review. Milwaukee 2604 M18 Cordless Hammer Drill has a unique design, but it has all the features to handle all types of drilling with ease. The unit is a natural choice for someone who want a tough unit with conveniences.

It is surprisingly powerful for its size, which makes it a strong tool in any professional’s toolbox. Powered by a right-hand angled brushless motor, the unit can handle greater torque with less maintenance.

Milwaukee is compact and lightweight, and simple to use, its lightweight frame makes it perfect for any drill job. Our Milwaukee M18 drill review will explain why people prefer M18 compared to other lightweight drills.

  • You will get Five Years warranty (It is limited warranty)
  • It is lightweight and price is also Affordable
  • Marvelous torque speed
  • Use of use hand handling feature make this drill more desirable

  • Drill bits sometimes slip out of the chuck.
  • Hammer feature requires more battery power.

Top Faqs of Best 18v Cordless Drill Milwaukee M18 Review

Is it a hammer drill or regular drill?

There are three drill settings: one is hammer drill, second is regular drill, and third one is screw driver option. You can choose the one you like.

Is this drill equally good for professionals and non-professionals?

Yes, it is equally good for both. The unit certainly has all the features of a heavy-duty drill. Its solid construction makes it durable enough to handle years of daily abuse.

Why does this unit perform poorly on masonry?

Milwaukee M18 is ideal for bricks or concrete. Sometimes it will not work great on masonry because of dull bits. If you use Bosch bits for masonry then it will provide great results.

How does the warranty work?

Milwaukee provides a warranty(limited) of five years. They either repair the product or replace it. You only need to show the purchase receipt for a warranty claim.

My Opinion about Best 18v Cordless Drill Milwaukee M18 Review

Milwaukee 2604 falls in cordless drill under $100 range. It is a compact and powerful tool when compared with competitors. It is a right-angle cordless drill, easy to handle and grip even when using 725 in/lbs torque. It is an ideal choice when you compare size and features with other drills.


The battery has an impressive lifespan and is ideal for professionals. The XC battery and second compact battery are both compatible so I have options to use them. This drill has a truly powerful motor, so I have taken to using the handle while drilling to lighten fatigue, and more control while drilling. You get great value for the price for both contractors and homeowners looking for a professional gadget at home.


Milwaukee M18 Hammer-Drill comes with a torque of up to 725-inch pounds, making it a powerful cordless drill of 18V bracket.

The drill brushless motor with ratcheting chuck lock mechanism with 2-speed options. It has a low-speed RPM range of 0-550 and a high-speed RPM of 0-1850. Despite its powerful punch, the drill’s compact design is smallest and makes it the smallest cordless drill.


There is less wear & tear on brushless motors because the carbon brushes are not used in the motor that will wear out. The motor also reduces wear & tear and offers longer life.


Milwaukee, when compared with other drills, this drill has exceptionally long battery life. This unit is equipped with a Li-ion battery as well as an optimized charging system to process the unit to ensure proper charging, thus extending the battery life. The drill can be charged in 45 minutes. The battery gauge to show you the remaining battery life.

Who uses

The 2604 M18 is ideal for carpenter and household knowledge, such as a homeowner. Although the drill can be a bit robust for home projects, it is versatile for regular and professional work.

Not like

The drill has some issues with the chuck as it is unable to lock down the drill bits properly, mostly a thin bit.

Furthermore,  some issues with the speed control were also noticed in the screw driver setting.


The Milwaukee easily beats Makita 18v cordless drill, in battery life and also ease of handling, Milwaukee has a 28V battery with 3Ah.

Although Milwaukee and Makita have enough power to drill concrete, iron and mortar easily, the only difference is that Makita requires a slightly more time to perform the tasks.

Milwaukee also beats the Makita by being easier to grip, plus there’s a 5-years limited warranty on the Milwaukee and three years limited warranty on Makita.

Users opinion

The Milwaukee has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers. The lightweight handle and easy adjustments are loved by users. The powerful brushless motor of this drill is another attractive feature. The design also enhances its battery performance.


The Milwaukee cordless drill 2604 is a perfect power tool due to its lightweight and compact drill features. The cordless hammer drill option makes this drill worth the price.

The hammer drill with comfortable grip is ideal for professional jobs. It can be used on a variety of projects, to give the Milwaukee M18 a lot of versatility.

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