Best Small Cordless Drill Screwdriver

Best Small Cordless Drill Screwdriver is a Power tool for reducing the time and effects in work, same in the case of cordless screwdrivers. We prefer a small cordless screwdriver because it is lightweight and easy to move.

The main features of a good screwdriver are powerful, lightweight, and also provide reasonable backup time.

In this article, we will help you to purchase the best power tool. We analyze the top 10 screwdrivers, which are as follows.

You need to create a table of 3 screwdrivers.

Choosing a perfect compact cordless screwdriver is very difficult because very personal criteria or requirements are different.

But there are some basic features you need to check carefully as per your needs before buying any small cordless drill/screwdriver. These are:

  • RPM
  • Voltage
  • Torque
  • Weight
  • Battery
  • Backup time
  • Charge time

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Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit – Best Small Cordless Drill Screwdriver

Bosch Electric is one of the best power tools manufacturers. They are producing quality cordless drills and drivers for many years.

This Bosch model is the best electric drill screwdriver because it is only 2 pounds in weight.

This screwdriver is very lightweight, has high torque, and has many handle positions.

Battery backup time is marvelous. You can work for hours with this driver.

Following are the main features of Bosch Screwdriver:

  • Powerful enough to work on metal, wood, or drywall
  • LED enabled screwdrivers can work in dark areas
  • Very lightweight, only 2-pounds weight without the lithium-ion batteries
  • One year limited warranty
  • Price also on the lower side
  • Two Batteries for longer backup time
  • Two-speed options, 350 RPM and 1300
  • Torque management system through 21 clutch setting

Dewalt 8V Max Cordless Screwdriver РBest Mini Cordless Drill Screwdriver

This Dewalt small cordless drill screwdriver is the consumer choice. You can work on wood, plastic, and soft metal.

Dewalt is a lightweight and starter-level screwdriver. It provides a backup time of one hour, so it is perfect for small work.

If you have long-duration work, then you need to charge it again when the battery became low.

The main features of the Dewalt compact cordless screwdriver are as follow

  • Perfect for small spaces as it is lightweight and 9.5-inch long in height
  • 430 RPM Speed
  • LED for working in dark areas or in the nighttime
  • Battery backup of one hour only
  • Price is low
  • Single Battery


  • Only for small work
  • Stop working some times
  • Question mark on built quality

SKIL 4V Cordless Screwdriver – Best Cordless Screwdriver

SKIL 4V Cordless Screwdriver is also one of the best electric drill screwdrivers. It is lightweight and has an option to charge the battery with a USB port.

It is only for small and light-duty work. It has two options, forward and backward.

You will receive 9-pieces of drill bits set with the purchase of this small cordless drill screwdriver.

Some key features are as follows.

  • Lightweight and unique design
  • 4 volts screwdriver
  • USB charging for fast and on the go charging
  • Live wire detector option


  • only 4 volts make it very little power and only for small work
  • Built quality is on the lower side


The best Small cordless drill screwdrivers are for small jobs. You can choose any from our list as per your need and requirement. 


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