Best Small Electric Drill

Looking for a starter cordless drill, then you must go with the Best Small Electric Drill machine. Many manufactures provide multiple options with different features and built quality. There are many features of electric drills you need to check before buying.

In this article, we analyze and summarize the best small drills for you. 

With the rapid technology change, electric drills became lighter and energy savers. Lithium-ion batteries help manufactures reduce the size of their power tools machine.

In Cordless drills, a new option introduced by manufacturers of power tools is a changeable battery if you purchase their set of power tools. With this feature, you can change the battery with a different machine.


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX – Best Small electric Drill 

Black+Decker 20v Max is number 1 in our list of best smallest cordless drills.

Following are the key features of this powerful gadget.

Battery of Small Electric Drill

This cordless drill has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can charge quickly and save the battery power up to 18 months.


This gadget also has a powerful motor that provides 750 RPM speed, which is more than enough motor speed for a starter drill machine.


The weight of BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX is only 4.6 pounds. Lightweight helps in smooth working without fatigue.

Clutch Positions

Total 24 clutch positions make this drill super cool and easy to handle because it provides an extra control level for smooth drilling.

Accessories with Drill

The 20v Max provides 30 pieces of Accessories with the purchase of a cordless drill. A 30 piece set of accessories is enough for drilling.

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DEWALT – Best Small Cordless Electric Drill

Dewalt produces top-quality power tools for decades. You can call Dewalt the market leader of power tools.

Dewalt Electric spends a handsome amount of money on the research and development section to develop their drill machines with modern technology.

Following are some key features:


A 10-ampere electric motor gives more power for supreme performance. Dewalt motor design generates extra torque for smooth drilling.

Grip Handle

Dewalt cordless drill has a 1/2 inch grip handle added with keyless chuck for supreme performance.

Top Speed

This power gadget comes with variable speeds from 0 to 1200, which is a marvelous feature in small electric drills.

Warranty of Small Electric Drill

Dewalt provides 3years limited warranty on this electric drill with one year of free service and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Craftsman Drill – Best Small Electric Drill

Third, in our list of best small electric drills is the Craftsman drill. The specification and built quality of this mini power tool are marvelous. Following are the key features of the craftsman drill.


Craftsman drill machine has a mid-range motor with 500 RPM variable speed. 


The weight of the cordless drill is 4.13 pounds, which makes this drill very lightweight and easy to handle in drilling.


three years of limited warranty with excellent after-sales support with the purchase of this power tool.


We can find multiple options in a small electric drill with different features and price brackets. You need to check all the features before buying any starter-level drill machine. We hope our article will help you in your selection.


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