Bosch 18v Brushless Compact Drill Review

Bosch 18v Brushless Compact Drill Review is about the best 18v cordless drill. Bosch, the German manufacturer, is one of the tops and famous mechanical tools companies, has outdone itself with the launch of its new DDS182-02 18-volt Brushless 1/2” Compact Cordless Drill. It has remarkably high torque for drilling and screw driving along with a speed of 1700 RPM. Battery capacity is sufficient to complete countless high torque and lengthy operations efficiently, as well as many less intensive ones. A fully drained battery can be charged back to full capacity in about two hours with the charger included.

A battery-powered drill has traditionally lacked the power or torque it requires to accomplish heavy-duty jobs. Bosch has changed that notion with its DDS182-02. The drill completed every drilling and screw driving task without any hitches. I felt less fatigue when using this one as compared to other compact drills or electric-powered drivers. Its balance was apparent because the drill’s body is visible above the hand, but its battery has been placed far down.

  • Bosch provide 3-years of warranty
  • Compact drill have 20+ Clutch settings
  • 1,700 RPM for powerful drill gadget
  • LED light feature for working in dark
  • It only provides a 1-year warranty on battery.

Top FAQ’s

This model of Bosch has a brushless motor. What does that mean?

The brushless motor lasts longer and can run 30% more per battery charge

Can I use a BAT 609 1.3 Ah battery with this drill?

A: Yes, this model will work with the BAT 609.

The Bosch Compact Drill comes with how many batteries?

It includes two Lithium-Ion 18 Volt, 2 Ah batteries.

Q: Can I charge the battery with a modified sine wave inverter?

A: No, you need to use a full sine wave inverter charger.

What is my take on Bosch 18v Brushless Compact Drill?

When I was writing my Bosch 18v cordless drill review, I never doubted its versatility or quality. This well balanced and nicely designed drill is not only well designed but also has the strength to handle numerous common jobs. Although it is somewhat on the pricey side, and the warranty is below average, it still does not require much maintenance. If it had been provided a longer warranty period I would have given top rankings to this drill. Its long battery life enables you to work for more than two hours on a single charge before the battery needs to be recharged. While the drill can reach speeds of 1,700 RPM, it is not the fastest either, but it isn’t horrible, either. These tools offer the option of using them as a drill or as a screwdriver. The 20-speed settings are sufficient for most tasks around the house.

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Features – Bosch 18v Brushless Compact Drill

  • Brushless motors have a double lifespan as compared to standard motors. They have longer run times due to superior efficiency and do not require maintenance.
  • It extends battery life and keeps it cooler by using heat-conductive housing.
  • It contains advanced electronics, such as cell protection and electro-mechanical motors, to protect the tools from overloading and overheating. This results in a longer tool’s life and longer tool runtime.
  • Bosch’s cordless drill driver is one of the most powerful drills, capable of the toughest jobs with confidence.
  • Despite being dropped from a height of more than 10 feet, the drill’s Durashield housing will prevent damage.
  • This is the smallest head cordless drill, which makes it easy to control in hard places.
  • This device can be powered with almost any 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery due to its flexible power system.
  • Safe tool bit storage during the transportation is made easy by the magnetic tip holder 4x.
  • It features an inbuilt LED light so you can work in poor light conditions.
  • The brake integrated in the drill engages the moment the trigger is released, and this enables the user to finish a job quickly. It is crucial when completing repetitive tasks involving driving.
  • It was easy to tighten or loosen the chuck. For that, just twist the chuck collar with one hand and rotate the drill. It made solid contact with the smooth half-inch HSS shaft and the other bits that were used during testing as well.
  • In drilling applications, the tool can achieve speeds up to 1,700 revolutions per minute, while for screw driving it delivers optimal torque.

Maintenance of Bosch 18v Brushless Compact Drill Review

The instruction manual that comes with it contains instructions that make maintaining this drill straightforward. There are many parts that move on the drill bit, so it’s important to oil them regularly. Particularly the chuck, which holds the bit, needs regular oiling. Put liquid grease on the drill bits to prevent moisture from corroding them. You can also use a compressed air canister. Blow the dust out of the vents using a blower.

Battery life

It is better to charge your battery once it has run out completely. You should also charge the battery completely before removing it from the charger to help extend the battery’s life. The battery should also be kept in a dry and cool place and removed from the device if it won’t be used frequently.

Can anyone use this cordless drill?

While it has a lot of power for professionals, it is of such high quality and easy to use that even people with no experience using power tools can use it for home projects. In addition to providing detailed instructions on the drill’s usage and precautions, the user guide will highlight the risks it may pose while in use. Users can keep an eye on the battery status using the battery status indicator. Before starting a big project, it is wise to change a nearly dead battery to one that is fully charged.

My dislike of this drill

The tool is great, but I would have liked a warranty on the device lasting three years and the batteries with another two years. Batteries of other drills in the same price range take just over 45 minutes to charge, while the drill’s battery takes more than one hour to charge.

Bosch DDS182-02 drill vs DDS181

It is unfair to compare both Bosch’s models. However, the DDS181 does not come with Durashield housing that would protect Bosch’s DDS182-02 against damages even if dropped from 10 feet. The motors on the DDS181 are not brushless, which results in shorter motor life. In addition, the DDS181 features a simpler electric motor without the advanced protection features to prevent overheating and overloading, and that results in increased runtime and tool life.

What do other users experience with this Bosch drill?

The device’s trigger switch seems to fail quite frequently, as many people are complaining about it. Nevertheless, almost all of them say they got a new drill after complaining to Bosch, and that the new drill doesn’t have the trigger switch problem. The battery life impressed most users, with one user stating that it seemed as though it lasted for years.

Consumers also complain about the LED light on the device turns on when the device is switched on. An LED lamp should have its own switch to turn it on and off. Conversely, most users of this drill are extremely satisfied with its quality. According to them, the drill is far superior to other drills at comparable prices.

Final thoughts

I used this drill for several months, I am quite satisfied with it. Our article Bosch 18v Brushless Compact Drill Review will help you in your search for a perfect cordless drill. Bosch needs to address the warranty policy issue regarding the drill, as well as battery issues with the drill. A new high-speed charger should be used that can go from a dead battery to fully charged in about 45 minutes. A cordless drill that can handle a heavy-duty job is the DDS182-02. Bosch has always been known for its excellent after-sales support, and it continues to be so. If you have any problems with your DDS182-02 drill, you can lodge a complaint right away.

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