Best Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill 20v

Dewalt DCD795D2 20V Cordless Hammer Drill priceDewalt DCD795D2 20V Cordless Hammer Drill is the most reliable and versatile cordless driver. It is famous for its power tools and this drill is a high-quality cordless drill.

Dewalt compact drill has the feature of being lightweight and ideal for tight spaces working. This is a great tool for any kind of worker, who needs a drill for routine work.

The Dewalt is a powerful gadget when it comes to bigger projects, such as shelves, or any home user project.

  • A three years of limited warranty ensures that the manufacturers have on their product.
  • Being the drill’s lightweight design, you can accomplish any kind of job with only one hand. Working with a lightweight drill is fun.
  • Transmissions that offer high speed are available in various speeds to meet the needs of various jobs
  • Dewalt is an expensive hammer drill available. It falls in cordless drills under $300 category.
  • I have noticed that the chuck slips slightly when using the drill, making a project super annoying.
  • There is something wrong with the speed variation. It doesn’t look like the drill is good at higher RPM

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Top FAQ’s

Q: Can we turn off the hammer in a cordless drill?

A: yes you can turn on and turn off the hammer setting easily.

Q: Is driver mode different from drill mode?

Harder material, concrete or bricks are driven by hammering or driving, while wood is driven by drilling (drill mode).

Q: Is the DCD795D2 model assembled in America?

You can get more specific manufacturing details about the drill by contacting Dewalt. However, mostly the drill assembles and is manufactured in China.

Do I get a hard bag with a cordless drill?

The compact driver comes with a plastic hard case with two batteries space.

Is Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill 20v Best?

As a result of using this drill several times over the past few months, here’s my opinion. After using this Dewalt drill in many projects, these were relatively minor projects. The drill’s power, ease of use, and durability surprised me.


The power

Since cordless drills cannot supply sufficient power, they are not suitable for all kinds of projects. This Dewalt tool had just been a gift to me, so I decided to try this driver. It performed exactly as advertised. I drove in many lag screws and it worked perfectly.


Drill Bits 

It’s arguably the worst thing about most cordless drills. It almost always takes a lot of effort to remove the drill bit. I noticed that the Dewalt’s bits were really easy to change, although they move slightly some time.



Dewalt DCD795D2 20V Cordless Hammer Drill battery provides more backup time. Additionally, this drill has a lithium-ion battery that ensures exceptionally long life.



Despite its relatively low maintenance requirements, the DCD795D2 only needs this maintenance for long life. When using the drill, it is beneficial to clean internal cavities with compressed air.


There are a variety of accessories for the Dewalt drill including belts, extra brushes, extra batteries, drill bags, and bits set.

Best Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill 20v?

The compact hammer gadget is designed for use by a family handyman, routine worker or by an average homeowner for small, irregular jobs.

Why do I like some features more?

It has a longer battery life than other drills on the market, and it can provide a longer backup time without recharging.

What are the differences between this drill and other drills?

Dewalt DCD795D2 vs Dewalt DCD96D2

For the average homeowner doing casual projects, the DCD795D2 is a clear choice since it has advanced features and a dual transmission while the DCD96D2 is a bulkier option.

Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill 20v vs Makita Cordless Hammer Drill 20v

With all the features Dewalt offers for the price, it’s a more attractive option for the routine user. Additionally, you need more power and longevity, the Makita is the smarter choice for you.

Dewalt drill vs Milwaukee screwdriver M18 Cordless Hammer drill

If performance is of the utmost importance, Milwaukee will likely provide a greater return on investment. Furthermore, Dewalt however provides great value for the average homeowner.

What users thought Dewalt drill?

Although every drill will have its positive and negative reviews, many people were pleased with DCD795D2. They also like the ease of use, compact size, and powerful lithium-Ion battery.

Final thoughts:

Cordless Hammer Drill 20v is a great cordless drill for casual. Furthermore, the DCD795D2 is great for small improvement projects at short notice. It works all day long including long-term use. Additional battery life lets you transition from one project to the next quickly and easily. 

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