Makita Vs Dewalt

This article is based on Makita Vs Dewalt. Cordless drills are the most useful and must-have tools for any builder, plumbers, and home user. You can easily adapt a cordless drill to complete a wide range of tasks thanks to countless options available. It contains a ton of power and makes tasks much faster. It’s impossible to work without it once you’ve tried it. Fortunately, there are a variety of cordless drills on the market and a number of cordless drill reviews to read. Make sure to buy a device with a trusted brand to ensure you purchase the original product.


Makita or DeWalt is generally preferred by many. Each of these brands has established a solid reputation for quality tools over the past decade. The DeWalt brand was launched in 1924 by an American company. The Makita company began in 1915, making high-quality tools. This is a Japanese company. It is hard to debate their experience in the cordless drill industry.

Below you can find two compact cordless drills that are comparable to each other.


#1 Makita I8V XFD10R Compact Cordless Drill

First is our list is the comparison of Makita 18v XFD10R with Dewalt Cordless Drill. You will get all the information you need to compare these two drill machines.

  • Warranty period is 3 years.
  • This design is lightweight.
  • Strong Lithium-ion battery with long life
  • RPM could be increased
  • Some claim the cordless drill wobbles because of the faulty chuck.

Detailed Features of Makita Vs Dewalt Cordless Drill

Makita built the motor in this drill with four poles. 

A 480 inch-pound torque of this size is phenomenal for a cordless drill of this size. A 2-speed drilling transmission system has been implemented to cope with all drilling and driving conditions. You have the choice between 0-600 and 0-1,900 rpm. Speeds have been accelerated by 25% over the previous cordless generation.

A dual-LED light located above the trigger makes it easy to work in dark areas. The light is in front of the user so that the drilling is visible as it progresses. With its contours and rubberized cover, the handle provides optimum convenience and also reduces fatigue.

The batteries are equipped with circuits to ensure the batteries don’t overload, overheat, or over-discharge. Safety sensors detect danger right away. This will ensure your drill life. A 3x faster charging option is provided by the LXT Rapid Optimum technology on the charger.

Top Questions and Answers

  1. When the device isn’t in use, do the batteries get drained?

The lithium-ion battery holds its charge better than other cell technologies as it provides a longer battery life. Users have reported that their drill could be used immediately even after being stored months beforehand.

  1. What is included with the purchase?

A drill, charger, and two batteries are included in this package. Despite their small size, these batteries are capable of lasting for quite a while. The charger is able to finish a cycle on a fairly quick cycle. Compact and light in weight, the tools make it feel as if you are using them for longer periods.

  1. What is the purpose of the extra compartments?

Many owners fill these with extra bits to organize their things. Someplace the additional larger batteries, if they decide to purchase an extended battery.

  1. How does the cordless drill charger work?

It’s as simple as putting a battery into the slot and turning it on. You will see a red light that signals the battery charging. The charger will exhibit a green light once it is fully charged. You may turn it off at this time and take out the battery.

  1. Does it provide a cordless hammer drill setting?

Yes, This Makita model has the hammer setting, but it is limited. It should be used rarely at most. Otherwise, it might get damaged. If you need to use the hammer function regularly, you should purchase a dedicated hammer drill.

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Our Opinion

The Makita drill is just as impressive on paper as it is in real life. When you have a great product at a nice price, it is hard to complain about a slightly high price. It has a terrific power-to-weight ratio that makes it an excellent tool for most jobs. This cordless driver should be enough for most DIY builds and housekeeping, but not for heavy-duty tasks. A drill with more power is likely to be used only by professionals in construction, even though this drill will also have a bulkier and heavier body.

The lightweight of this tool makes it easy to carry wherever you need to go. Its long battery life means that it will never run out of power. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to charge it so you can get back to work. The battery stays nearly unchanged after storing it for months. Drainage will be no issue. This is perfect for handling emergency jobs since you won’t be delayed. The LED lighting and ergonomic handle make jobs so much easier.

2. DEWALT 20V Hammer Drill Kit – Makita Vs Dewalt

  • Three years of limited warranty
  • A powerful brushless motor
  • Energy efficient cordless drill
  • Price is higher than Makita
  • wobbling chuck is a negative point

In-depth Features

A DeWalt drill’s brushless motor can provide 57% more running time than brushed variants because heat generation is reduced in this case. The brushless motor also offers greater efficiency with no voltage loss, and parts tend not to wear out as quickly. Failures are extremely rare. With a weight of 3.6 pounds, it is quite light compared to some of its competitors. It is also compact enough to fit easily in tight spaces. Despite its small size, this drill is powerful enough to drill and drive. It has an 8-inch length.

Speed and torque can be controlled in two different settings. The lighter one goes from 0-600 rpm, while the heavier one goes from 0-2,000 rpm. These bits will be held by a sturdy metal chuck that has superior grip strength. Additionally, it has a 20-second trigger delay LED light for improved visibility in dark spaces. In contrast to the Makita, the lights are here built into the tool foot in order to prevent shadows from under the blades.

Top Questions and Answers

  1. When the tool is idle, do the batteries drain?

This one is about the same as the Makita, which has a lithium-ion battery that stays charged for a long time. Several months in storage, they retain their power, allowing them to be used at any time.

  1. Are there hard cases included in this package?

The drill, the batteries, and the charger were received in a hard plastic case. In comparison to the soft case, it is arguably more protective, though heavier.

  1. Does it have a hammer function?

Yes. There’s an adjustment dial on the clutch that fits a wide range of options. The hammer will not be used if you select the drill mode.

  1. Which mode should I use: drill mode or driver mode?

The clutch will be locked when drilling using the appropriate bits when using the drill mode. The driver mode allows you to drive things down hard materials, such as concrete, with different bits. The tool can also be used to remove rusted bolts. The latter can be made to exert more torque because of all the torque the small hammer generates.

  1. Do you know the voltage rating of the power supply?

This charger can also be used with a standard US outlet 110V AC with a 60Hz frequency.

Our Take on This Drill

DeWalt is already a trusted name, and this tool further solidifies it. The drill is of excellent quality and has received nothing but praise from buyers. The battery is very long-lasting, so it is a bright spot on the device. Users can drill into wood and masonry for dozens of holes without tiring out their hands or running out of power. The recipient of a gift like this one is sure to love it.

It is very important to watch out for chuck malfunctions, which appear to occur only sometimes. Any problems should be taken care of by the warranty. It is also important to consider just how much you are willing to pay for the product. It costs a bit more than Makita. The masonry drill can be driven with the driver mode, making large bolt fastening easier.

Dewalt vs Makita – Which is The Best?

DeWalt is better than Makita? These two consistently come up with excellent tools. It really depends on who is asking and what they are looking for. These are all products that are exceptionally well-designed, rigorously controlled, and are always being innovated. DeWalt may have a slight edge, but Makita also has a strong argument.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to look inside before you shop. Make a list of your priorities in terms of features. Choose the right model based on your likely usage scenarios. The Makita is the drill to choose if you want a low-cost reliable drill, while the DeWalt is the drill you want if you want more power.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to invest in high-quality tools rather than cheap ones that don’t work as well or last as long. In our article on Makita Vs Dewalt, we found both Makita and DeWalt are good choices. The models reviewed here would make great additions to anyone’s toolbox.









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