Best Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill

In this article, we are going for a Ryobi vs Dewalt drill review. A power tool lover will enjoy our article about the two best cordless drills.

When you look for a cordless drill, the first thing is to check the price and reviews online. Most people do not compare different best cordless drills and analyze the features in detail. We will review the two top battery-powered cordless drills for you and show you a detailed analysis.

Ryobi and Dewalt are the two top performers in the power tool industry. Both provide top-of-the-line cordless drill drivers.

#1. Ryobi P1811 18V Drill-Driver Kit

Best Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill ComparisionIf you want a lightweight and powerful cordless drill, then Ryobi P1811 is the best cordless driver for you. It is only 2.69 pounds in weight with many pro features.

What do you get with this drill?

This power tool of Ryobi comes with two sets of Lithium-ion batteries to provide a reasonable amount of backup during work. These batteries of Ryobi can use in other products of Ryobi electric.

You can also swap this with the old Ryobi 18v cordless drill. This feature makes it unique and cost-efficient as you can use the same battery in different power products.

  • Ryobi provide 24 different torque options
  • Ryobi cordless drill battery is compatible with other models
  • Fast and secure Drilling
  • It simple and easy to use
  • Ryobi cordless drill battery is a very low amp that provides less backup
  • The torque is only 340, which is not enough

Plumbers, contractors, and homeworkers do not want a cordless beyond 1500 RPM for small tasks. Ryobi provides a perfect choice in the shape of the Ryobi mini cordless drill.

A cordless drill body is unique to make the handling of the drill easy. It is lightweight and can hold without fatigue.


Does the P1811 18V provide a cordless drill battery charger?

Yes, A fast drill charger is present in the box.

Is the cordless drill design unique and lightweight?

Yes, It is a unique and lightweight cordless drill.

Ryobi 18v drill provide beyond 1500 RPM?

It is a mid-level drill gadget. It provides a reasonable amount of RPM.

My Opinion on the Ryobi 18V Cordless Drills

Ryobi 18v drill is one of the best cordless drivers that can perform any DIY task with ease. The drawback of this cordless tool is low RPM. The RMP is enough for small works, but it is not great for hole-saws and paddle-bits with more than 1″ bits.

This drill provides four different torque variable options, which is a pro feature and enhances the performance of this drill.

#2. DEWALT 20V Hammer Cordless Drill Kit

Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill warThis cordless giant gadget is far superior to the other drills, it provides more than 57% runtime because of the brushless motor that requires low maintenance and provides extra power and backup. It is a proven felt that brushless motor drills are much superior in performance as compare with brushed motor cordless drills.

DEWALT DCD795D2 20V Hammer drill has an XR LiIon battery for superior performance and longer backup. In Addition, we can also find a gauge meter to find out the detail about battery life.

The Dewalt hammer drill has two-speed transmission settings of 0 to 599 and 0 to 2,249 RPM. You can select any speed setting easily as per your desirable mode of working. 

  • Dewalt 20V has a runtime of more than 57%
  • Three variable speed options
  • Dewalt provide 2,250 RPM with two-speed options
  • Comfortable and solid grip
  • Easy to handle and work
  • The only noticed drawback in this model is at high rpm start chuck wobbles.

The weight of this power pack drill is on the lower side. You can work for hours without fatigue and also can store anywhere you want. It provides ease of management to plumbers, contractors, and also home workers.


Is the hammer option is available in this drill?

Yes, the hammer option is present in the cordless driver

Can we turn on and off the hammer option?

Yes, you can turn on and off the hammer option easily.

Is the Dewalt 20V hammer has a built-in LED light?

Yes, It has a built-in LED Light for operation in dark.

My Opinion on DEWALT DCD 20V Hammer Cordless Drill

I will recommend this drill because it provides firm grim, high RPM with two variable speed options and a powerful brushless motor. All these features make this model of hammer drill one of the best cordless drills on the market. 

The batteries are powerful and long-lasting. It provides a reasonable amount of backup time to drill on any surfaces. Also, the charger provides a fast charging feature.

The weight also on the lighter side that makes the storage of this power tool much easier than the other cordless hammers. 

Plus Points

The followings are some drawbacks noticed in the 20V Dewalt hammer cordless drill.

During its use with paddle-bits and also hole-saws, it starts chuck wobbles at higher RPM.

The price is also on the higher side when compared with competitors’ models.

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#3. Ryobi Vs Dewalt Drill – Smart Cordless Drill

I order both Ryobi 18v and Dewalt 20v to compare and write an article about Ryobi vs Dewalt drills. What is found in my experience is as follows.

Both machines have good built quality and features but if you need higher RPM then Dewalt is the best choice because Ryobi 18v only provides 1500 to 1600 RPM. Dewalt provide 2 speed options 0-599 and 0-2,249 RPM.

For industrial workers and contractors, Dewalt provides 0-249 BPM for fas drill works. You can drill any kind of surface with ease with a Dewalt 20v hammer.

The price of Ryobi is much lesser than the hammer drill of Dewalt. You can almost buy two Ryobi at the same price as the DeWalt drill. 

Guarantee – Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill

Dewalt 20v has a warranty of 3-years if any fault occurs. Three years warranty period is great in my opinion.

Bodyweight – Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill

Dewalt is a heavy-duty cordless drill but still, its weight is 2.6 pounds and the weight of Ryobi is 2.pounds. Dewalt is the clear winner in this race, it is lightweight with heavy-duty drill features.

Drill Bits change process – Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill

Changing a drill bit is much easier in Dewalt as compare to a cordless Ryobi drill.

Final thoughts

Different power tools manufacturers are providing different corded and cordless drills to plumbers, contractors, and household workers with different set of features and price ranges. If you want a powerful, fast, and long-lasting drill then your first choice should be the Dewalt 20v hammer drill because it is much superior to the Ryobi cordless drill.

In our article Best Ryobi vs Dewalt Drill, we found Both Ryobi and also Dewalt are producing quality tools for years, but in this article, we are only comparing two models of these manufactures and the winner is hammer drill Dewalt.


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